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Writer’s Block: Taking the good with the bad


I am friendly.
I like people (except when I don’t.)
I have pretty great hygiene.
My spelling-fu is STRONG.
I get my biggest kick when people laugh at something I say or do.
You really can call me at 3 in the morning.


I sometimes don’t like people.
I can be nit-picky about word choice & pronunciation.
Procrastination, thy name is “Bon”.
Tend to overwhelm myself with projects and schoolwork. Then, bitch about it.
Can be judgmental – of others and myself.

I dunno. They can disagree here if they so choose.

Snow Day, Snow Day, What a fun day…

All you folks who are at home, contemplating your own version of SNOWPOCALYPSE The SECOND (aka, The Coldening): What are you doing to keep yourself occupied?

I have cooked a spicy, spicy curry. I have done homework for TX Gov and Lit, both. Video games are on the horizon.

What are YOU doing?

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